Together, let's UNLOCK every child's potential and send those struggles packing so that they not only meet grade level expectations but soar above and beyond.

A "TASK a Day, Keeps the Bad Grades Away!"

We desire to support, train and empower families and teachers in providing children with the BEST education possible! You may be wondering what does the word "TASK" mean. It means we are "Together, Actively Supporting Kids in Education! And that is exactly what we do. We support families with strategies they can use at home that complement what is being taught in school. We support homeschooling families who want to incorporate more TRUE Black History into their curriculum. We support teachers in providing professional development and resources that enhance their reading & writing instruction. And of course we support students with our PreK-12th Grade Reading, Writing, Math and ACT Prep Learning Enrichment Programs. We are all working together for ONE COMMON GOAL...and that is seeing kids succeed in education. Take a look at the diagram below. It will explain more about why we chose the name "TASK Learning Hub" for this online portal.